We are from Hamburg, Germany

PharmaPeer GmbH has been founded in 2017 to provide the missing link between the pharmaceutical industry and end-users worldwide.

Our company is based in Hamburg ( Germany ) and operates as a pharmaceutical wholesaler to supply pharmaceutical companies, medical wholesalers, hospitals and hospital pharmacies. We are specialised into sourcing and providing niche products and hard-to-find medications in the field of oncological, immunological and orphan diseases.

Moreover, PharmaPeer is based on an extensive network of European manufacturers and distributors thus enabeling us to source and deliver nearly any product available on the EU markets.

Our qualified sales team of medical professionals will be highly motivated to respond to all of your inquiries within short notice.


With vast expertise and a substantial record of experience on the pharmaceutical sector, our staff is operating in accordance to GdP regulations and demanding german quality standards. Through multiple standard procedures and elaborated examinations we are in the position to guarantee the supply of branded German or European medications while excluding the eventuality of counterfeit products from the supply chain. We are also participating in the EU wide EMVO system to avoid distribution of counterfeit products.

All of our suppliers are also GdP or GmP certified and subject to regular audits.
Our delivery chain is spotless and allows for a consistent tracking from the manufacturer to the exporter.


The underlying objective of all pharma related business should be to assist patients worldwide in providing life-saving medications and grant them the continuance of their therapies. PharmaPeer is obliged to achieve those goals by forming a strong part in the global supply chain, connecting to traders and wholesalers as well as medical experts at all levels throughout the world.

Our principal aim is to serve the patient everywhere, everytime in order to make medications accessible to everybody.

Contact us: If you have any queries, please don´t hesitate to contact us 24/7 at : sales@pharmapeer.com

Telephone:+49 40 22861536 Fax: +49 40 228615365


Dr. Anika Glasenapp
Export Manager


Marc Beisswenger


Dr. Sophie Brandt
Export Manager